Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Showers

Jessica and Melissa accompanied me Up North to Bemidji a few weeks ago for a sweet little Apron/Julia Child themed wedding shower at my mom's house. We went up a day early and helped her cut out the pennants for the reception decorations.

First, we ironed on some stiffener to make the pennants hang nicely (they will only be seen on one side). I had bought some fun Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner prints in apple green and plum.

Then, Mom marked out all the triangles. Earlier, we had done a little math to determine that for every foot of length we would do about a foot and a half of swag. I knew we needed 100' of length, so that meant we needed 150' of pennants and ribbon! I had 6 yards of fabric. We decided on 4x6 triangles, so 3 pennants would make a foot, so 150'*3=450 pennants.

Really, we can get 6 pennants per foot because we could double them with the left over space. 3 feet in a yard times 6 is 18 pennants per yard across. Multiply that by repeating the process down the fabric depending on length and we figured one yard could make 108 pennants. We'd need about 4.5 yards of fabric and 6 yards would be plenty.

Then there was the cutting and cutting and cutting.

(Picture cutesy of Jessica)

They turned out just how I imagined.

(Picture cutesy of Jessica)

That evening, as Jess put it, "We did a good job of pretending to be 21 year olds and drinking combats at Keg." Combats - I had totally forgotten about them! But first we sat at our old table at 209 and I played lots of songs on the Juke Box, which the table behind us kept singing along too!

I couldn't get them to dance with me, yet. (Picture cutesy of Jessica)

We had a great sweaty time.

Sunday afternoon we had a little backyard garden party.

We pinned my Grandma Hutchinson's vintage aprons around the gift table. See the "C" she embroidered on the blue one.

Look at Dad's beautiful Gladiolas that Mom has so artfully arranged. Someday maybe I'll do this too.

Here I am in my new apron. Supercute.

Thanks to Jess for all her help.

Then, the next weekend we did it all again at Jess's house in Blaine. Somehow, I don't have very many pictures of this, but thankfully Jess and my mom got a few. It was equally fun and delicious and I got to meet some of the Bayerls that I didn't know. Mom came too!

P.S. after a few fittings the dress is so close to being done! I think just a bustle, and a little more bust tuck (damn).

Monday, August 24, 2009

The dress is in!

I came in on Wednesday last week and luckily I was heading up to Bemidji for the shower (so fun!).

I tried it on and the lady said, "Ooo, we should have ordered you a smaller size." I lost a little weight and now the dress that fit perfect in the hips when I tried it on, should be at least one size smaller. Time for alterations.

I'm going to have "bust cups" sewn in, so there won't be a need for a bra. It also needs to be hemmed (even with my tall heels it's too long) and it will need a bustle.

I'm lucky to be marrying into a very helpful family, most of whom live in the cities. So, Anthony's Aunt has graciously offered to alter my dress, which is a relief, because having the alterations done in Bemidji would be an additional headache that I don't need.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reception Moodboard

Pennant garland, dahlias, dancing, pies, apples and embroidery.

I've already embroidered a large hoop with our names in a heart like this to go on top of the fireplace mantle. My mom has graciously offered to make the pennant garland and we went to Sweeney's the other night to measure the areas we want to hang it. It's finally starting to be a little cohesive and not just notions floating around in my head.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking about wedding bands

We eventually need to pick out some wedding bands. We could just go down to the jewelry chain stores and choose something generic, but I'm really loving these options from etsy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honeymoon Plans

Thinking about honeymooning in the Smoky Mountains, catching some Needtobreathe in Nashville and some beautiful views.

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The Invitations are Out

They've been out for more than a week now and we've pretty much finished the wedding website! The RSVPs are trickling in, via email, snail mail, phone and our RSVP form on the website. We may have given people a few to many venues. (The best part is the songs people are requesting.)

I gave Anthony some examples of invitations that I liked for inspiration and he created the most awesome cards that convey our style and set the feeling for the day.


The Result:
He designed them to fit two per 11x17 sheet of paper and so they would fit in an envelope available at Office Max.

Anthony purchased the paper from Anchor Paper at their retail storefront in Burnsville. His company, EAC, was gracious enough to let us print the invitations on their color laser printer. Anthony set them up in InDesign to coordinate printing front and back. Then, he took them to Kinkos to be cut with a big scary guillotine.

At home, Anthony meticulously folded each card, as I stuffed and addressed the envelopes. He had also printed our return address to make things easier. $40 for postage, $16 for 100 envelopes + $40 for a ream of 11x17 gloss cardstock = $96 invitations. $1.20/invitation. Not too shabby. And we have plenty of leftover paper, so maybe we'll use it for thank-you cards or Christmas cards.

We also collaborated on the website,

My Groom is so Great.